Winter League 2017

Due to popular demand, during the winter months, we are running our open matches as winter league matches. Starting on Saturday 21st October and running for 8 weeks, the winter league will finish on Saturday 9th December 2017. The matches can be held on any of our pools.  

The first ten anglers placed in each match will be awarded points, which then count towards the league title. At the end of the 8 weeks, the 1st placed angler will win £100, 2nd place will win £80, 3rd will win £60 and 4th place will win £30.

The price is the same as our current open matches; £15 entry and the prize money will still be awarded to the winners each week. The only difference being that the "golden peg" money will go towards the league prizes paid out at the end of the 8 weeks.

Therefore don't be put off if you can't make it every week, you still have the chance to win each individual match and take away the winnings!

In addition, we are holding our annual "Christmas Fur & Feather" match on Saturday 16th December.

So, if you fancy joining our Winter League, or require any further information, please give Chris a ring on 01270 753074 or contact us by email. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 21st October for the first week.